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Training the property team how to use the Pickup Pod

Why is this important?

Some food delivery workers may have difficulty using the pod the first time they encounter it. That may be because they don't know what is it or because English isn’t their first language. Whatever the reason, our experience with tens of thousands of food deliveries shows that after a delivery worker has used a Pickup Pod once, the next time they encounter a pod they’ll be able to deliver to it easily and without assistance.

In order to help first-time users who may need assistance making a delivery to the pod, your property team will need to know how to use the pod.

Action items

  • Instruct your front desk staff to direct all food delivery workers to the pod.
  • Ask each member of your property team who interacts with food delivery workers to do a mock delivery and pickup. It takes only a few minutes and all they need is their phone. See How to deliver and pick up food for instructions.
  • Make sure each member of your property team knows how to log in to the admin app and open cubbies. If a user tries to pick up their food after the pickup window (which is 6 hours in most cases) has closed, they won’t be allowed to open the cubby (this is for food safety reasons). In that case, a staff member will have to log in to the admin app and open the cubby so the user can get their food, or so it can be discarded. We’ve created a brief video (see Resources below) that explains how to do this.
  • Ask everyone on your team to read your Food Delivery Policy.
  • Print a Front Desk Cheat Sheet and leave it on the concierge or security desk for your staff to reference. If you’d like a laminated copy, contact our Customer Success team at support@minnowpod.com and we’ll send you one at no cost.