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Establishing a written food delivery policy

Why is this important?

If you don’t have a food delivery policy, every delivery will be handled differently. That will create confusion for delivery workers, users, and staff. A clearly written and communicated policy will help ensure a consistent and reliable food delivery experience, every time.

A food delivery policy should cover the following:

● Restaurant meal deliveries.

● What to do when the Pod is full or with items that don’t fit (large pizzas)

● Grocery deliveries.

● Meal kit deliveries sent through UPS, Fedex, Amazon or USPS.

● Prohibited items like alcohol and non-food packages.

● Pickup windows and food safety.

Action items

  • Write a Food Delivery Policy (template available here).
  • Provide a copy of the Food Delivery Policy to your staff and tenants.
  • Include the Policy when onboarding new staff and tenants.