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Recommended Pickup Pod Placement

Your Pickup Pod should be somewhere where food delivery workers can easily find it.

Why is this important?

Food delivery workers are incentivized to work quickly. If your Pod is not easy to find, they may leave the food on the first horizontal surface they come to. The deeper the Pod is into the building, the less likely they’ll be to find and use it. Don’t make them hunt for the Pod.

Furthermore, if your property isn’t staffed 24x7, there will be times when no one is available to help food delivery workers find the Pod. That’s why it must be in an obvious location that is easy to find.

Action items

  • Make sure the Pod can be easily seen from the building entrance most commonly used by food delivery workers.
  • If delivery workers use more than one entrance, put the Pod where it can be easily seen from the concierge or security desk.
  • If you can’t place the Pod in a direct line-of-sight from the main entrance or front desk, put it as close as possible and in a location that can be easily found with simple directions.


The case study below outlines how one customer moved their Pod to an ideal placement in their lobby resulting in a 30% increase in food deliveries.

The Factory Case Study

We have a lot of experience helping properties place Pods in optimal locations. If you’re not sure where to place the Pickup Pod on your property, please contact our Customer Success team at support@minnowpod.com.