Proper Antenna Alignment for WiFi and Cellular Signals

Get the best possible signal strength with simple adjustments

If your Pickup Pod is connected to the Internet through a WiFi or cellular network (as opposed to an Ethernet cable), then it uses antennas to improve the signal strength. To get the best possible signal strength, the antennas should be oriented in a specific way.

A pod has four antennas: two cellular and two WiFi antennas. The antennas are labeled "M" for cellular (mobile) and "WiFi" for WiFi. The two outer antennas are cellular antennas, and the two inner ones are WiFi antennas.

To get the best possible signal strength, the two cellular antennas should be at a 45-degree angle from the vertical, with one pointing to the left and one pointing to the right, and the two WiFi antennas should be pointing straight up, as shown in these images:

image (2)

image (1)-1