Email Template: Notifying Delivery Companies of Updated Delivery Policy

Use this template to notify delivery companies of the updated Food Delivery Policy. Just copy and paste the text below, and then edit the text in [BRACKETS] to fit your situation.

Subject: Food deliveries to [PROPERTY NAME]


I’m the property manager for the following property:


To provide a safer and more convenient food delivery experience for our [TENANTS/RESIDENTS/EMPLOYEES] and to reduce the amount of time our staff spends managing deliveries, we recently installed a Minnow Pickup Pod in our lobby. The Pickup Pod is a cloud-connected food locker that makes on-demand food deliveries safe, secure, and convenient.

We have established a new policy that all food orders delivered to our building are to be delivered to the Pickup Pod unless specifically requested otherwise by the consumer. The policy is effective immediately.

To make it easier for your delivery personnel to comply with this policy and to help them complete their deliveries faster and more reliably, we ask that you add the following instructions to your delivery app for all food deliveries to our address:

    Please deliver to the food locker located [POD LOCATION]

We appreciate your cooperation.