Email template: The Minnow Pickup Pod is Now Available

Use this email template to notify your users that the Pickup Pod is ready to use. Just copy and paste the text below into an email, and then edit the text in [BRACKETS] to fit your situation.

Please paste the following text into the subject line:

[IMPORTANT] Our new food delivery amenity is now available!

Please paste the following text into the email body:

** This email contains important information for tenants who have food delivered to the building. If you have food delivered, please read the following.**


Dear tenant,

We’re pleased to announce that our new food delivery amenity is now available. It’s a smart food locker called the Pickup Pod. It can accept deliveries from any food delivery service or restaurant. For the safety, security, and convenience of all of our tenants, all food deliveries should go to the Pickup Pod.

What you need to know:

  1. The Pickup Pod is located [INSERT LOCATION HERE].
  2. To help your delivery person know what to do when they arrive, please update the delivery instructions in your food delivery app. Log in to your app, go to your profile, and add these delivery instructions: “Deliver to the food locker in [INSERT LOCATION HERE].”
    1. How to update your DoorDash delivery instructions
    2. How to update your Uber Eats delivery instructions
    3. How to update your Grubhub delivery instructions
  3. If the delivery person contacts you upon arrival, ask them to deliver your order to the food locker in the lobby.
  4. To pick up your order, scan the QR code on the Pickup Pod or use the touchscreen.

FOOD SAFETY NOTICE: The Pickup Pod is insulated to help maintain food freshness, but it is not refrigerated or heated. To prevent foodborne illness, the CDC recommends that food be consumed within one to two hours of preparation. To learn more, click here.


Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you.