Email template: A Minnow Pickup Pod is Coming Soon

Use this email template to notify your users that the pod is coming soon. Just copy and paste the text below into an email, and then edit the text in [BRACKETS] to fit your situation.


We’re pleased to announce that a contactless food delivery amenity will soon be available in the lobby. It’s called the Pickup Pod. Instead of having to meet the delivery person, your food will be dropped off at the Pickup Pod, which is insulated to keep your food fresher. When you’re ready to pick up, just bring your phone to the lobby and follow the instructions on the pod.

To provide a contactless, secure, and reliable food delivery experience, all food deliveries will be delivered to the Pickup Pod.


If you have food delivered to the building, please log in to your delivery app (such as DoorDash or UberEats), go to your profile, copy the text below, and paste it into the delivery instructions field:


Drop off at the food delivery locker located [POD LOCATION].


Adding these instructions to your delivery app will make it easier for delivery workers to find the Pickup Pod and will reduce demands on building staff.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you,