How to open cubbies manually

If a cubby won't open, use the manual release pull ring

If a cubby won't open normally:

  1. Turn the pod off (the power switch is on the top in the rear right corner).
  2. With a Phillips #2 screwdriver, remove the cover of the pod by removing the two screws at the rear, as shown below:


  3. Locate the metal ring near the front center of the opening.
  4. Pull gently upward on the ring; it should come up about an inch.


  5. All the cubby doors will open.
  6. Lower the ring back to its original position.
  7. Replace the top cover.
  8. Turn the pod on. It will take 5-6 minutes for the pod to boot up.
You can use the manual release pull ring to open cubbies if the pod has no power or connectivity. If there is an extended power or connectivity outage, we recommend that you open the cubbies and remove any food.