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Help food delivery workers find your Pickup Pod

Why is this important?

Food delivery workers are incentivized to work quickly. If they can’t find your pod, they may leave the food on the first horizontal surface they come to. To avoid that outcome, you need to help delivery workers get from the building entrance to the pod.

There are three ways to help delivery workers find your pod:

  • • A concierge or front desk person can direct them to the Pod
  • • Wayfinding signs that guide them to the Pod
  • • Your tenants can tell them where the pod is in their delivery instructions

Since a staff member may not always be available to direct delivery workers, it’s best to have signs. Minnow provides several types of sign templates at no cost.

Action items

  • • Place a Desktop Sign on the concierge or security desk (or, at a minimum, whenever the desk is unattended).
  • • Place one or more Wayfinding Signs where they can be easily seen by someone entering the property. This is especially important if your pod is not in a direct line of sight of the main entrance, or if there are multiple entrances used by delivery workers. If you prefer not to use our signs because

If you need other signage or templates, please email support@minnowpod.com