Email template: Secure Pickup is now available for multifamily properties

Use this email template to notify your residents that Secure Pickup is now available. Just paste the following text into an email and insert the signup link [in brackets]. Please contact for the link.

Paste the following text into the subject line:

Important information for residents who use food delivery services

Paste the following text into the email body:

Dear resident,

Minnow, the company that operates the food delivery pod in the lobby, has added a Secure Pickup feature to ensure that food delivered to the pod can only be picked up by the person who ordered it. If you have food delivered to the property, please click on the link below to create your Secure Pickup profile. It’s fast and free.


With Secure Pickup, you’ll receive a text or email notification whenever your food is delivered to the Pickup Pod. To open your cubby, just tap on the link in the notification. You can also pick up by tapping "Pick up" on the pod's touchscreen, selecting the cubby with your order in it, and entering your mobile number.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you.