Minnow Launches Pilot Program for its Contact‑Free Food Pickup Pods

Survey reveals that consumers want a better pickup experience

Seattle, WA - October 13, 2020 - Minnow, an IoT startup that has developed a contact‑free food delivery and pickup solution (called the Minnow Pickup Pod™), announced today that it has launched a pilot program in partnership with fast-casual restaurants and food service operators.

Minnow has launched pilots at Crisp Salads in Portland, Oregon(Division Street location) and at bNatural Kitchenin New Haven, Connecticut. Both are fast-casual restaurants that offer healthy fare and have experienced a sharp increase in online orders since the pandemic began.That increase, along with the need to maintain social distancing, has made it more difficult to provide a pickup experience that is both safe and convenient.

"Trying to ensure the safety of our customers as well as our team members is our number one priority," said Emma Dye, founder of Crisp Salads. "The Pickup Pod frees up staff time and reduces order mix-ups. Having the order in a secure cubby where it is accessible only to the person who is supposed to pick it up is a game changer."

Minnow's latest consumer survey shows that consumers agree. When asked about their preferences for picking up their online orders, 86% of consumers said contact-free pickup is important. In addition, the vast majority (96%) want their food kept in an insulated compartment so it stays hot or cold while waiting to be picked up, while 94% want it kept in a secure compartment so no one could touch or tamper with it.

Nebyat Sheweye, owner of bNatural Kitchen, echoed those sentiments. "We make healthy food, but we also want to provide our customers and delivery partners with a healthy pickup experience. That's where the Minnow Pickup Pod comes in."

In addition to reducing labor costs and providing a safer and more convenient pickup experience, a Minnow Pickup Pod can increase revenues and boost profitability. 36%of consumers said they'd order more often from restaurants witha Pickup Pod. Consumers also said they'd be willing to pay a $0.50 convenience fee to pick up from a secure, insulated, self-service food pickup solution.

"The pandemic has accelerated an already growing trend for delivery and takeout," said Steven Sperry, Minnow's CEO. "That trend willcontinue beyond the pandemic, and that means food service operators need to rethink the pickup experience they’re providing their customers."

To learn how to provide a safer and more convenient food delivery or pickup experience using the Minnow Pickup Pod, visit minnowpod.com.


Media Contact:
Christopher Stanvick
VP of Brand & Marketing

About Minnow

Founded in 2017, Minnow is on a mission to createa better food delivery and pickup experience with its contact-free Pickup Pods, which keep food secure and people safe. Pickup Pods can be used anywhere that food is delivered or picked up. The result of a three-year, human-centered design journey, the Minnow Pickup Pod enables food service operators and commercial property managers to provide a safer and more convenient food pickup experience. To learn more, visit us at minnowpod.com. You can also connect with us on LinkedIn.